A Soldier’s Symphony in the Battlefield

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We lie in the bush while you lie on your beds at the comfort of your home
We sleep beside our guns while you sleep beside your wives
You sleep in your house, we sleep in hemas
You wear nice hats, we wear heavy helmets
You wear designer’s vests while we wear iron vest

In the morning, you are awaken by sweet alarm tones while we were awaken by horrible sound of bombs and grenades
You move around town in range rovers and latest cars while we move in tanks and buffalos
We stay awake for you to sleep
We kill for you to live
We stand side by side with death itself so that the future of your generation can be assured

We sacrifice our today for your tomorrow
We are strong at heart, great in action, committed to our course, and loyal to our nation
We are soldiers with great zeal and gallantry
We fight relentlessly to win the battle
We continue to fight to fight to conquer insurgency and terrorism

If it is not too much to ask, please pray for us while we are here in the battlefield..
..to conquer in victory so that we can return to our dear family, friends, and loved ones
To the fallen heroes we pray they continue to live on while we fight to the end in victory

In God we trust,
-The Mighty Soldiers

Dear Workaholic! ღ

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Dear Workaholic,

It’s one foggy afternoon when I began to notice you. I have been observing you every single working day just like today. Hey, time check! It’s more than a couple of hours past the hour of 5pm. Why are you still inside your cubicle? Ooopps, don’t tell me you’re going to take that work at home again. You’ve already missed your dinner with your family. Your “I’ll-just-finish-this-in-few-minutes” have flown fast and you even forgot your date with Mr./Ms. Right. It’s Friday night and your co-workers have already gone out for Friday blues. How about you? You are still busy working. Work. work. work. I guess you need to be reminded of this:

To a company, you are just an employee. The day you resign, your work cubicle will be replaced. Your absence will only be missed for a day then the company forgets you. Do you think you are that special for jobs well done in the past? Don’t flatter yourself too much.  Before you know it, the management have already moved on. They went on to make their money or go on with their usual operation for they need to. Hence, they don’t have time to grieve because of the expectations they have to fulfil.

I wonder why do you have to be selfless, heroic and workaholic. What made you stay that long? How come you love your work so much that you are willing to sacrifice that much? Undoubtedly, I must admire you for your passion for work and your loyalty to your superior but I also notice that at times the executives make mistakes and it come with a price,  you are the one who would mostly pay for the consequences.

My friend, before you take that OT– ‘Oh, Thank-you’ duty, may I remind you not to mix work with family. Do not take your work home, cast your family aside and forget about giving time to your loved ones–you children, your husband, your wife, and dear friends–because in their hearts you are never replaced.  When you’re gone, every day you’ll be missed. If anything happen to you, it would be your family and friends are crying like crazy for you. To them, even though you are just one person, you mean the world to them.

Your job is just a job but family is forever. So reset your priorities. Be a good worker but be a better father/mother/friend/daughter/son as well.

With much love,

👣The Official Traveler

Travel Quezon: Real Extreme Adventure Park (Corporate Teambuilding Activity)

TMSD (1)

Need some inspiration for your next corporate teambuilding or team outing? Well, I am still having positive vibes from our recent activity which was held at the Real Extreme Adventure Park in Real, Quezon. It is a 6–hour drive via Antipolo, Tanay from Nueva Ecija (or 2.5 hours from Manila) but the long hour drive was worth it. Oh, by the way, the astonishing view of the Windmill Farm down to Famy, Laguna is a bonus. If the weather permits, don’t miss it!

I have saved  video/snapshot memories to look back on, yay!

Ultimately, it was a great experience that brought significant impact and emotional recovery. Everyone is hopeful for a long-term impact of the two-day activity.

CONTACT DETAILS (as of July 2017)

(02) 505-8024 / 0977-859-1133

  • Teambuilding
  • Training Workshop
  • Camping
  • Conferences
  • Events Venue
Package A: The Day-tour Package
Price: Php550/head
*Add Php150 full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Common CR
  • Swimming pool
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided lunch buffet
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
Package B: The Overnight Package
Price: Php950/head
*Add Php450 3x full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation cabin rooms and kubo (non-aircon)
  • Swimming pool (use 2x)
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided buffet meals of Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
Package C: The 2-Nights 3-Days Package
Price: Php1,900/head
*Add Php900 6x full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation cabin rooms and kubo (non-aircon)
  • Swimming pool (use 3x)
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided buffet meals of two days Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
⦁ Zipline Adventure: Php200.00
⦁ Mudslide Challenge: Php100.00 



👣The Official Traveler


Dear 20-something: (How’s Your Life After College?) 🏆❤️

I have to share these words with whole sincerity because many of us are  not yet kicked by reality. A dear friend tagged me with a letter by A.Jadaone back when I freshly graduated and it hit me. Years after, I gave her a reply (see below).

Dear Fresh Grad,

I think I saw you yesterday along Makati Avenue, clutching a brown envelope—inside are your resumés, right?—wearing the most smart casual attire your closet will allow, waiting for the traffic light to change to red. You looked a little flustered. Why, did your job interview not go so well? It’s your fifth interview in six weeks, I hear? Don’t worry, they always say “don’t call us, we’ll call you” to almost everybody. Hindi ka nag-iisa. Oh, your best friend nailed her interview on the first try? And your other ka-barkada too? Well. Good for them. Wag ka lang inggitera.

I know, I know. You’ve already imagined yourself in your dream job immediately after graduation, getting paid—and a lot at that—doing what you love to do, so “it doesn’t feel like work at all”, then changing the world on the side, while live feeding it on your Twitter. I must say, your imagination’s pretty impressive, and you must’ve been reading a lot of Steve Jobs. Darling, the Real World doesn’t work that way, and definitely not that fast. So your two friends who nailed it on their first try? I’ll bet you’ll spend at least one Friday night with them at a karaoke bar, singing all your angst away. Alanis’ Hand in My Pocket would be a good first song, by the way.

Soon, you’ll find a job yourself. It WON’T be your dream job, but hey, at least it will pay for your happy hour and Twitter. You will be asked to buy Starbucks for your boss’s guests, and while walking out of the office, you’ll tell the Universe, “Nag-graduate ako ng cum laude para lang bumili ng kape?” When you return, the boss will be angry to know that you forgot to put Splenda on his coffee, and the Universe will tell you, “E kape nga lang hindi mo mabili nang maayos, cum laude ka pa nyan ha.” You will print the wrong report. You will be yelled at for a lousy job someone else did, and you will be yelled at for a job you put your whole heart into. You will be told you’re stupid, and if you’re lucky, the whole office will be there to hear it. You will cry in your cubicle. You will lose the promotion to the boss’ son, or to someone less hardworking than you. You will learn about dirty office politics, and you will be frustrated to know that you can’t do anything about it. You will figure in a tsismis inside the office, and you’ll make your Twitter account private. You will see your friends going to Boracay, Bangkok and Europe, having the time of their lives, and there you are, living paycheck to paycheck, wishing you were born an Ayala, a Gokongwei, or a Gosling at least. You will think about quitting. You will lose the sparkle and the passion. You will forget about your ultimate dream when Real World crushes it right before your eyes.

But please don’t.

The truth is, you will never be as passionate as your Fresh Grad self ever again in your life. Make that passion last as long as you can. I don’t want to be dramatic, but really, that unique Fresh Grad sparkle? Once it’s gone, you can never take it back. Oo, parang virginity lang.

So while you’re there, savor the moment. Go make mistakes, while you’re still expected to be imperfect. Go cry in the cubicle, while your age allows it. Go sing Hand in My Pocket and You Learn at the karaoke, while you’re still “young and underpaid”. Go chase your dreams and change the world. The best time to change the world? It’s right after college, when you are so freaking sure you can. Then you will become 26. Then 28 (OMG!). Then 30. Then you will be busy looking for money to pay for the bills, or yelling at your assistant who printed the wrong report, and you will just forget about the world you badly wanted to change before.

How old are you again? Actually, I don’t really need to know. You were glowing from where I saw you, and that gave away your age. That kind of glow, definitely only a fresh grad can have. So stand up straight, clutch your resumés and your dreams tighter, and stay glowing as long as you can. Make the most of it. I swear, you’ll terribly miss it when it’s gone, and by that time, you can only just write about it.

Best regards,
An Ex-Fresh Grad

Personal Testimony

Dear Ex-Fresh Grad,

Thank you for your letter few years ago. You know what? You were right. Let me share my journey.

I graduated at the age of 19 with BS in Agribusiness Management. Back then, I couldn’t wait to finish college so I could get a good job and help my parents support my younger siblings so they can have their diplomas as well and finally be my own boss (Entrepreneur). I also wanted to help the church, which was going through tough times, in putting up a building at that time. I wanted to go to Mindoro and help the Mangyan tribe. I wanted to put up an Early Childhood Education Center to nurture children (including my future child/children if God willing) with genuine values and quality education. I wanted to inspire the young generations that WE can make a difference.  I had lots of dreams and so much passion for work with me at the time. I felt like I could change the world so swiftly–or at least my small community (to be more specific).

After I graduated from college, I rested for a couple of months to render my personal community service (mostly church-related). It was an intentional commitment and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Setting aside my quest for job for a while, I was confident that I could be employed easily since I graduated with flying colors by God’s grace. During my ‘rest mode’, I wrote several songs (mostly I cannot recall now haha) and spent quality time with my younger siblings, niece, nephews, and the youth groups I belong. See, I had so much inspiration back then. Little did I know, that same passion will gradually subside. What happened?

No one pressured me to look for a job until one day, I decided to look for one. I wanted to start earning my own money and make a change. I was very excited even if I did not know where to start (applying). I checked the Baguio Midland Courier, a local newspaper to look for a job suitable for me. “Oh there, there, and there!” I printed my professional resume with my most beautiful ID picture on it and went on my way. I’ve spent more money for fare, printing, and photocopies, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance, etc. and did a lot of walking under the sun, too. In my mind, I knew I can get that job right away. But NO! 🙂 I floated 1, 2, 3, 4….5 resumes, got interviewed in 3 and told, “we’ll call you back” –but no one called back. What’s the matter? Am I not good enough or Do they just feel inferior about hiring someone with flying colors? (I had really no idea of work politics at that time) How come? (uh-oh, was that my little pride?) Am I aiming too high? and many more disappointments came along… Maybe I put so much confidence on my diploma and not to God. So I prayed for a teachable heart and good motives.

I realized I just cannot do magic in order to get a high-paying job especially if I choose to get it the right way. Good thing that I am a person who doesn’t easily put my hopes down so I waited patiently until I got  a call and hired as an English teacher in 2008. My starting salary was lower than what other people think. I worked as a working student (SPES) while studying in college and my salary was Php5,500/mo. Therefore, I didn’t bother accepting a job that offered me at least Php10,000-12,000 as a starting monthly salary. After all, it would be my first job. I knew I needed ample work experience for a better position with greater salary (Yaaasss, I had so much fresh-grad sparkle for the time being haha). It’s not my dream job but it’s true, you have to put a lot of work (much more than you expected) in order to work your way up. I was able to discipline myself to save up for my tuition fee so I can enroll for a master’s course a year after.

Ask me if I can relate to your letter? My answer is–Yes, definitely.. 🙂 I’ve had the-“Akala ko ganito, ganyan.. pero ang totoo, ganito pala-feeling” especially in the early stages of my life after college. Because you warned me, I never conditioned myself to work like a Queen. I know in my heart that it takes a long journey so we must learn to be content and thankful for what we have.

Now, I’m already 28 (not an English teacher anymore but I still can) and still learning from many new experiences along the way. Good or bad, I rejoice. All I can say is: WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD! LIFE ON EARTH IS A RAT RACE. On top of this, I have learned to put my confidence in Him. For it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man (Ps118:8).


👣The Official Traveler


This post is wholeheartedly dedicated to the degree holders who became Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs); to the one who graduated with flying colors na nag-MS or nag-PhD pa pero taga-timpla ng kape (not literal, but idiomatic.. I’m sure you understand what I mean); and to the fresh graduates who are tirelessly searching for their ‘ideal’ job. This, too, shall pass. 🙂 This is the wheel of life. We, as passengers will have to enjoy the ride!

NZAS #5: From Benguet State University To The University of Auckland!

Kia Ora!
I have mixed emotions as my journey to NZ will truly begin soon. I feel sad to leave a handful of dear people in my country but at the same time I also feel excited to meet new people and study in the highest-ranked university in New Zealand. I still cannot believe that I made it here.  It’s truly a blessing that I have been chosen to be a recipient of a prestigious New Zealand Scholarship program. Without the scholarship, studying at the University of Auckland would be next to impossible. Hence, I am grateful for the opportunity.

I really wanted to pursue Commerce (Business Management) at Saint Louis University in 2004 but my parents could not afford it during those days. So I grabbed the opportunity when a scholarship (full-tuition free) was offered to me to study agribusiness management at Benguet State University. Thankfully, I graduated in 2008 with consistent mark. It may not be as prestigious as Saint Louis University, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University or UP Diliman yet I shall never feel inferior about it. In fact, part of my character and the foundation skills that I have were honed in this humble state university. Wherever I go or whatever I’ll pursue, I hope to always fulfill the trust reposed in me by my parents, my nation, and my alma mater.

“Wherever I go or whatever I’ll pursue, I hope to be reminded to always fulfill the trust reposed in me by my parents, my nation, and my alma mater”

Now, I shall continue my journey. From a humble state university to a world-class university, this quest is seemingly a challenge full of excitement and uncertainties. The University of Auckland is the largest university in New Zealand, located in the country’s largest city, Auckland. It is the highest-ranked university in the country, being ranked 81st worldwide in the 2016/17 QS World University Rankings. Even so, I shall remain positive that I am going to love studying here as it provides plenty of opportunities to learn and to experience both the city and outdoor life in New Zealand.

Apart from You, I can do nothing.

👣The Official Traveler


Travel Nueva Ecija: Crystal Waves

Crystal Waves.jpg

I will leave my dear friends pretty soon due to my study abroad so while I still have the time to spare, I wanted to spend some with them. Thanks to the Crystal Waves coupon I won in one raffle promo during the Lakbay Palay DS2017. I got 3 passes to Crystal Waves for free!! 🙂 So, let me share bits of information just in case some of you are interested to visit this resort for family, friends-get together, or teambuilding activities.

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is located at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija.

CONTACT DETAILS (as of June 2017)
(044) 803- 5090; 0932-867- 5855

Swimming Pool Hours – 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Adult Php230.00
Child Php180.00
Senior Citizen Php184.00
⦁ Wave Pool with Jacuzzi (this is according to schedule e.g. every hour)
⦁ Giant Water Racing Slide (50 feet high tower with almost 200 feet slide)
⦁ Mickey Mouse inspired Olympic Size Swimming Pool
⦁ Kiddie Pool with Aqua Play Area
⦁ Dahlia (10-15pax) Php600.00
⦁ Waling-waling (10-15pax) Php650.00
⦁ Aster Cottage (15-20pax) Php700.00
⦁ Gumamela (20-15pax) Php800.00
⦁ Zipline Superman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Zipline Professor X Adventure Php150.00
⦁ Wall climbing Spiderman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Rappelling Batman Adventure Php200.00
BONIFACIO ROOM (good for 2pax) Php1,500.00
RIZAL ROOM (good for 2pax) Php3,000.00
AGUINALDO ROOM (good for 4pax) Php3,800.00
KATIPUNAN DORMITORY (good for 20pax) Php12,000.00
*Room rate includes complimentary breakfast
*Check-in time – 2:00PM
*Check-out time – 12:00 NN
*Additional Php700 per head for extra adults
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Videoke for Rent: Php700.00
Grill: Php75.00
Rules and Regulations:
⦁ Proper Swimming Attire is required.
⦁ Male: Swimming trunks; Female: Swimwear or Swimsuit
⦁ Colored shorts, maong shorts with zipper and other metal accessories are strictly prohibited
⦁ Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool area
⦁ Bottled drinks & hard drinks are strictly prohibited
⦁ Please refrain from bringing any of the following:
*Fragile utensils (plates, water glasses, condimental bottles)
*Deadly weapons (Knives, ice picks, etc.) prohibited.
How To Get There:
From Manila, ride a bus going to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. Drop off  at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija (along the national highway). 
👣The Official Traveler

NZAS #4: How To Send Passport & Handling Fee By Post?


Some applicants are required to provide their passport even if they applied for New Zealand visa online.  If you need to provide your passport, you would have been advised of this on the ‘Thank you’ page when you submitted your Immigration ONLINE visa application. If you are not sure if you need to provide your passport, login to your RealMe account, open the application PDF and look at the advice on the last page.

The Immigration New Zealand will contact you if they need your passport or any other information. If you were instructed to provide your passport, ensure you read the following steps carefully:

Step 1 : Prepare the following:

  • your ORIGINAL passport
  • printout of the ONLINE confirmation page or your ONLINE application reference number if available
  • your contact information: phone, e-mail and return courier address (if applicable)
  • the Visa Application Centre (VAC) passport handling fee (plus any applicable courier fees) either in person, through a representative or by post.

My Experience:
I did not have enough time to travel to Manila to process my visa so I decided to maximize the use of NZ online services. No agent needed!

Step 2 : The VFS Global Service Fee are applicable per application.

If you are not applying in New Zealand, you also need to provide a fee for the processing of your passport by the Visa Application Centre. The New Zealand Visa Application Centre will accept all of the payment in PHP currency only. Please be aware that VFS is no longer accepting Manager’s Check (at least in my experience). I have verified this already. You may deposit the fees through cash to any Metrobank branch over the counter.

My Experience:
I paid for the Passport handling Fee via Metrobank (+courier fee for my passport to be sent back to my office). I do not have existing account so I went to a Metrobank branch and deposited the required amount to their account number.
I paid for the ff:
a. Passport Handling Fee: 570php
b. Courier Fee: 385php
I sent my passport and info details via LBC (paid separate amount of 175php) and received it after 10 days through 2GO Express. I did not opt to pay for the SMS services. I monitored through LBC tracking system and that’s enough for me 🙂

Step 3 : Scan Your Passport Bio page, Bank Transaction Slip, and contact information

Do not forget to scan these as you will have to email it  to VFS. The address will be provided to you.

Step 4 : Send via Courier

It’s time to send your passport together with the original deposit slip and contact information. Do not forget to write the address and summary details for ease of reference. Once you lodged your application, track your status of your shipment every now and then. If they do not receive your passport within 20 days, your application could be declined.


Step 5: Visa Application Status Update

Once your shipment has finally arrived, you shall automatically receive a confirmation email that your application is being processed at the New Zealand Embassy.

Step 6: Visa Application Has Been Processed

After several days of waiting, you shall receive an automated email saying your visa has been processed and your passport is in transit. You will also receive a confirmation in your RealMe account.

Step 7: Congratulations, you made it!

Now, you just have to wait for your passport to arrive the next day or two. Haven’t I told you can do it? 🙂

Useful site: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/contact/offices/philippines

I got multiple visa!! ^_^ PTL! See you soon NZ!


Maturity: Reality Untold

A lot of things have happened in the Philippines recently. The earthquake in Zambales, the battle in Marawi City, the tragedy in Resort World Manila, the rainy season affecting many provinces in some part of the country, the non-stop war on drugs, the opening of classes which requires more classrooms, and a little more. As a result, many men, women and children are displaced and heavily suffering at different levels.

On a positive note, however, the country has a tough president who selflessly loves his country, stands his ground, and has the balls to fight not only in words but also in action. He is not perfect just like anybody else but he is the kind of leader this country currently needs. Leadership is the capacity to translate a Vision into Reality.. but a leader’s success is also determined by its people and those around him.

Honestly, I do not agree with EVERYTHING that PRRD ( President) utters online/offline–in fact, I voted for someone else–but this doesn’t mean I should hate him entirely and not submit to his authority. At this point of time, our  President and the soldiers need our support, not our judgments. They need our prayers, not our condemn words. They need our trust, not crab mentality. And our simple appreciation as well as submission to the authority will give them enough courage and strength to do their job in order to serve & protect us from danger. Let us give it to them–submission to authority and prayers for our leaders, soldiers, volunteers and their families.  This is the heart of a true Filipino. Remember, maturity is when we start understanding small things, pick up the pieces and getting things done.

#WakeUpCall #PinoyNaTunay #AngBayanKongPilipinas #MartiaLove

NZAS #3: How I Applied for a New Zealand Student Visa Online

To be able to study in New Zealand for more than a year, I know I need to apply for a student visa. However, I live far from Cebu and Manila and I am also working on weekdays.  Through a little bit of research, I know it can be done by myself (DIY). Thanks to the immigration of New Zealand website  which I find friendly and pretty straightforward. With my scenario, I opted to use the Online Application instead of the paper-based application. Let me share how I did.

Step 1: Open the immigration of New Zealand site. Read and learn more about the details about your visa.


Step 2: You will be prompted to create or log in to your RealMe account. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSWORD.


Step 3: Once you are logged in, just click on “Make an Application”. You will be required to:
a. Fill out an application form

  • You need to complete the answers to all questions in English.
  • You do not need to complete all of the application form at once.
  • You can save your application form at any time and come back.

b. Upload documents


  • You are required to upload documents to support your application.
  • You are required to upload an acceptable photo of yourself to support your application. Your photo must show a full-front view of the face, head and shoulders and you must be looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression, eyes open, mouth closed and head straight. Nothing should obscure the facial features.

Experience: NZ4

c. Submit and View application

  • You will be charged an  application fee, you must pay before you can submit your application. This fee can only be paid using Visa™, MasterCard™ or UnionPay™.
  • If you are not applying in New Zealand, you also need to provide a fee for the processing of your passport by the Visa Application Centre.


Experience: I paid for the visa fee (application cost) using a MasterCard™ online

d. Supply additional documents

  • You may be asked to provide more documents to support your application. If they need more documents or information, they will get in touch with you by email or other means. So keep an eye on your mailbox, email, mobile phone, etc.

Once you clicked “Submit”, you can readily view your application.

Step 4: You shall receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application and any other instruction.

Experience: I was asked to send Immigration New Zealand my passport along with the required handling fee so they can finalize my application.

So that’s how I did online.
Posting soon: How I Sent My Passport & Handling Fee By Post?



7-Days Bohol+Cebu+Negros Oriental DIY Itinerary with Family (Honoring Parents with a Trip)

I’ve noticed that most travelers nowadays travel solo or with friends/acquaintances who have similar age and interests. There’s nothing wrong with that but I think it’s also best to share the same activity with parents or family [if we can (financially) and while they can (physically)]. If you know someone or if you are planning for a worthwhile activity that you can cherish all your life, why not treat parents/family once in a while and create beautiful and long-lasting memories.

In this blog, let me share about how I organized a spectacular travel with a goal of honoring parents through this worthwhile trip. Here, I will talk about it in three parts–PART 1, The Profile of Travelers, PART 2 – The 5-Day Itinerary, and PART 3-Where to Stay. All of these are only based on my research and actual experience. So let’s get started!


No. of Travel Planner 1 budget traveler
Total No. of Travelers 4
Age 25-60
Point of Origin Baguio City (6-8hrs to Manila) &
Nueva Ecija (4hrs to Manila)
Destination Cebu->Bohol->Negros Oriental
No. of Days 5 days of adventure; 2 days travel time
Remarks Parent 1: First Plane Ride
Parent 2: First Domestic Flight
Sibling: First Plane Ride
  Parent 1: No previous adventure
Parent 2: Limited physical activities in the past few months
10% swimming skills
Goal To honor parents with a special trip by showing them how beautiful Philippines is (while they can walk and run) 🙂

I only have limited resources but with a good plan, I worked and saved up for this. Hence, there’s no excuse for me not to let them experience it in 2017.


Here is a summary of our DIY itinerary to Bohol+Cebu+Negros Oriental, Philippines. A travel full of wonderful memories. I have saved some videos to  keep myself reminded how beautiful it is to spend quality time with family.


Travel time (Baguio/Nueva Ecija–> NAIA–>Cebu)


Travel Highlights:
Blood Compact Site, Baclayon Church, Loboc River Cruise, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Breeding Area, ATV Ride, Dumaluan White Beach

Means of Transportation:
Van Rental (Actual): Php2300
Contact: Cresente “Cris” Balaba 0920-885-3635

Tagbilaran Port–>Blood Compact Site –>Baclayon Church–> Loboc River–> Tarsier Breeding Area–> Chocolate Hills–> ATV Ride–> Ship Haus–> Dumaluan White Beach–> Hennan Resort-Alona Beach–>Henann Beach Resort (Alona Beach)


  • Bohol Part 2 (Hennan Resort–Alona Beach)

Travel Highlights:
Henann Resort/Alona Beach

Means of Transportation:
Van Rental (Hotel to Tagbilaran Port): Php600
Contact: Cresente “Cris” Balaba 0920-885-3635

Hotel –> Tagbilaran Port–>Argao–>Tanawan


Travel Highlights:
Whale Shark Watching + Snorkeling, Binalayan Hidden Falls, Sumilon Island

Means of Transportation:
On foot (Whale Shark Watching)
Car Rental (Binalayan Hidden Falls): Php800
Boat Rental (Sumilon Island): Php1500
Bus (Tanawan to Liloan Port): 120 (4pax)
Bus (Sibulan Port to Bais City): 200 (4pax)

Whale Shark Watching–>Binalayan Hidden Falls–>Sumilon Island–>Liloan Port–>Sibulan Port–>Bais City


Travel Highlights:
Manjuyod Sandbar, Dolphin Watching

Means of Transportation:
Boat Rental (Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar): Php2700

Dolphin Watching @7AM–> Manjuyod Sandbar (Bais City) @ 8:40AM


Travel Highlights:
Rest time. Dumaguete Food trip. Travel back to Cebu city.
I could do a lot of activities for this day if I’d want to but I’m with parents, lets be considerate 🙂 We had too much activities in the past few days and we need to recharge.

Means of Transportation
Bus (Bais to Sibulan Port) Php200-4pax
Ferry (Sibulan to Liloan) Php180-4pax
Bus (Liloan to Cebu City) Php800-4pax

Rest time–>Dumaguete Food trip–>Sibulan Port–>Travel back to Cebu city.


  • Cebu Part 4 (Cebu City Tour)

Travel Highlights:
Cebu Heritage Monument, Cebu Cathedral, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, shopping/pasalubong, food trip

Means of Transportation:
On foot (few minutes walking distance from the hotel)

*In the original itinerary I prepared, we were supposed to visit the Taoist Temple and the Temple of Leah (however, we skipped them due to travel buddies’ preference. Instead, we went around shopping affordable but quality stuff) nawili sa pamimili 😀


Travel time from Cebu–>Manila->Baguio/Nueva Ecija


Day 0
We arrived at around 10PM and went directly to the pension house.
Robe’s Pension House: http://www.robespensionhouse.com/
Cebu Guesthouse: http://www.cebuguesthouse.com/

How to get there:
Ride a taxi from the airport.

Day 1
Henann Resort in Alona Beach: http://henann.com/bohol/henannalonabeach/
We arrived in Tagbilaran at around 9AM. After the Countryside Tour, we went directly to the hotel that we booked. This is a little bit pricey compared to others but this is part of the Parents’ Treat factor. We stayed at one of the Pool Villas with its own private plunge pool and veranda and it was great! We also indulged ourselves with sumptuous buffet meal. My travel buddies enjoyed it and didn’t want to leave.

How to get there:

We rented a van for the Countryside tour and the driver agreed to drop us off at the hotel after the tour.

Day 2
Chateau de Tan-Awan: 0917 912 7783
Here’s the Facebook Page

It’s walking distance to the Oslob Whale Shark Watching area!
If you are a budget traveler, this one is for you. It’s a home away from home. The hosts are very accommodating and kind. Highly recommended. There are also other budget accommodations around the area.

How to get there:
If you ride a bus going to Liloan from Cebu South Bus Terminal, tell the driver/‘konduktor’ to drop you off to Chateau de Tan-Awan (in front of Tan-Awan Elementary School) in Oslob. It’s along the national highway.

Day 3-4
Casa Sandoval Pension & Restaurant: 0917 777 0826
Here’s the Facebook Page
Email: casasandovalpension@gmail.com
Nearly an hour bus ride from Sibulan Port, the place along the national highway. We chose to stay here in order to be early the next day for Majuyod Sandbar. We didn’t want to miss it.

How to get there:

From Sibulan Port, we walked our way to the national road. We ignored the tricycles parked in front of the port knowing that it’s just close (based on research.. and it is!). Go to the Bus Stop near Birdies’ bakery shop.  Ride a bus going to Manjuyod, Bacolod or San Carlos. Ask the driver to drop you off the Bus stop near Jollibee in Bais. Walk/Ride a tricycle to Casa Sandoval (if the bus strictly unload passengers at the bus stop). It’s just along the highway.

Day 5-6
Cebu View Tourist Inn: http://www.cebuviewtouristinn.com/
(032) 254 8333
Sogo Hotel: http://hotelsogo.com/branch/cebu.html
Reason for choosing this is its proximity from the South Bus Terminal. As I mentioned, no one among us has traveled here before. So, staying near landmarks is best for us. It is 5-8 minute walking distance but if you carry a lot of stuff, you can ride a taxi parked near the bus terminal.

How to get there:
Option 1- Check the google maps and follow the lead 😀
Option 2- Ask locals
Option 3-ride a taxi
Option 4- Combination of 1&2

Day 7

There you have the formula! 🙂 Plan>Work>Save>Explore/Travel

We travel not to escape life but for LIFE not to escape us.
In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

 👣 The Official Traveler