Travel Nueva Ecija: Crystal Waves

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I will leave my dear friends pretty soon due to my study abroad so while I still have the time to spare, I wanted to spend some with them. Thanks to the Crystal Waves coupon I won in one raffle promo during the Lakbay Palay DS2017. I got 3 passes to Crystal Waves for free!! 🙂 So, let me share bits of information just in case some of you are interested to visit this resort for family, friends-get together, or teambuilding activities.

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is located at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija.

CONTACT DETAILS (as of June 2017)
(044) 803- 5090; 0932-867- 5855

Swimming Pool Hours – 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Adult Php230.00
Child Php180.00
Senior Citizen Php184.00
⦁ Wave Pool with Jacuzzi (this is according to schedule e.g. every hour)
⦁ Giant Water Racing Slide (50 feet high tower with almost 200 feet slide)
⦁ Mickey Mouse inspired Olympic Size Swimming Pool
⦁ Kiddie Pool with Aqua Play Area
⦁ Dahlia (10-15pax) Php600.00
⦁ Waling-waling (10-15pax) Php650.00
⦁ Aster Cottage (15-20pax) Php700.00
⦁ Gumamela (20-15pax) Php800.00
⦁ Zipline Superman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Zipline Professor X Adventure Php150.00
⦁ Wall climbing Spiderman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Rappelling Batman Adventure Php200.00
BONIFACIO ROOM (good for 2pax) Php1,500.00
RIZAL ROOM (good for 2pax) Php3,000.00
AGUINALDO ROOM (good for 4pax) Php3,800.00
KATIPUNAN DORMITORY (good for 20pax) Php12,000.00
*Room rate includes complimentary breakfast
*Check-in time – 2:00PM
*Check-out time – 12:00 NN
*Additional Php700 per head for extra adults
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Videoke for Rent: Php700.00
Grill: Php75.00
Rules and Regulations:
⦁ Proper Swimming Attire is required.
⦁ Male: Swimming trunks; Female: Swimwear or Swimsuit
⦁ Colored shorts, maong shorts with zipper and other metal accessories are strictly prohibited
⦁ Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool area
⦁ Bottled drinks & hard drinks are strictly prohibited
⦁ Please refrain from bringing any of the following:
*Fragile utensils (plates, water glasses, condimental bottles)
*Deadly weapons (Knives, ice picks, etc.) prohibited.
How To Get There:
From Manila, ride a bus going to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. Drop off  at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija (along the national highway). 
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Tuessies: The Power To Change

‘Tuessies’ is a group of young professionals who share and study the Word every Tuesday after their regular work. I joined this group in 2013 for the purpose of spiritual edification and friendship. As a new employee of the institution, I was seeking for sense of belongingness and I am blessed knowing that God has already prepared everything for me even before I came to this place. As series of fellowships have gone through, people come and people go.. but one thing is constant.. I am awed by how God works uniquely in everyone’s life in the group.

Ms. Irene also known as ‘Ate I’ is the best example of a cheerful giver. Knowing that we all have similar basic needs, she is well-known to be extra thoughtful. Without any second thoughts, she sacrifices her own wants for the needs of significant majority. I pray that the Lord will bless her mightily and abundantly as she presses on the upward call for her heart is full of love.

Nehem is an example of a young man with a big heart for out-of-school youth in his hometown. There are  many little children who has been abandoned by their parents because of poverty. He pours his love by dedicating his time as a Sunday school teacher/helper to his church for God’s glory. What a joy to serve the Almighty. God knows his heart’s desires for the young people to have good shelter and good education and He will reap what he has sown whatever those are.

Xarin is a pastor’s kid who is making a mark in her early 20s. Her strong spiritual foundation led her to be a cell group leader to certain group of college students at a state university. Many young people nowadays are prone to go astray without proper guidance or no group with good influence to belong with. Her passion to lead young people to Christ has been remarkable journey of her life. With many other cell group leaders, they continue to pass on the light to more generations to come. Every week she schedules to meet her Cell Group (CG) to share and care.

The names are just a few to represent everyone in the Tuessies but the message is, more than the tedious work in the workplace, one can still devote time for a purpose-driven life because God uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. Tuessies influence. Tuessies shine light. You, too can.

Paseo Habida Resort is located in Sto. Rosario, Sto. Domingo Nueva Ecija. It was the venue for the year-end Christmas activity of the group.

Entrance Fee: Adult -Php 80.00 (USD $1.90)
Child -Php 60.00 (USD $1.80)

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Visit Philippines 👬: Minalungao National Park

Nueva Ecija is the rice granary of the Philippines but wait, it is more than just a rice field! If you look for a place to explore and enjoy, Minalungao National Park is one incredible natural attraction and thus, a must-visit in the North. It is a very popular holiday destination for tourists and other locals which is located in the outskirt municipality of G. Tinio Natividad. I’ve been working for quite some time now and I never knew there was a place like paradise here. Do not let pass the opportunity to see the hidden gem of this province— “The Little Palawan of the North”.. I must say.


✔ Swimming (& Cliff-diving for some)
✔ Cave exploration (rock formations: stalagmite and stalactite)
✔ Limestone walls viewing
✔ Zipline
✔ Rafting
✔ Walking: 1000 steps to the Big Cross
✔ Photography


✔ Individual Entrance Fee: P30.00 (upon entry at a gate) and P10.00 (entrance fee on site)
✔ If you own a private vehicle, Car entrance fee: P50.00
✔ Cottage Fee: P200 (for 6-8 people)
✔ Raft: P500 (for 10 people)
✔ Zipline: P100 (two-way)
✔ Toilet: P10.00 (each time you enter) 😦
✔ Voluntary fee for the tour guide/s (usually little children) on site 😦

Quick Tip:

a. Organize a group of 8-10 people. 👬👬👬👬👬 (Principle of the economies of scale)
b. Rent a private vehicle. (or if you own one, then go for it). The road is rough.
c. Bring your own food. You can cook/grill on site.
You can actually do all the activities for a price of <1000 Php [my group :$11.49/pax ]
d. Be careful! 🙂

How to get there?


By Private Transportation (from Capital of the Philippines: Manila)

  1. Head north to NLEX. Exit at Sta. Rita.
  2. Head right and follow Candaba – San Miguel Road passing by towns of Candaba and San Miguel. Continue until you reach Bucana, Gapan.

By Public Transportation (from Capital of the Philippines: Manila)

  1. Take a Cabanatuan bound-bus. Go down at Gapan City, Nueva Ecija.
  2. From there, hire a tricycle going to Minalungao National Park. Ask the driver to bring you to General Tinio then hire another trike to the national park.

So, if you are interested to see the snap view of Palawan Underground River in a bit or if you are just interested to do the activities enumerated, try Minalungao National Park. It won’t let you down! Check the SnapVid of our Minalungao trip here.

Happy Trails,
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