Travel Quezon: Real Extreme Adventure Park (Corporate Teambuilding Activity)

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Need some inspiration for your next corporate teambuilding or team outing? Well, I am still having positive vibes from our recent activity which was held at the Real Extreme Adventure Park in Real, Quezon. It is a 6–hour drive via Antipolo, Tanay from Nueva Ecija (or 2.5 hours from Manila) but the long hour drive was worth it. Oh, by the way, the astonishing view of the Windmill Farm down to Famy, Laguna is a bonus. If the weather permits, don’t miss it!

I have saved  video/snapshot memories to look back on, yay!

Ultimately, it was a great experience that brought significant impact and emotional recovery. Everyone is hopeful for a long-term impact of the two-day activity.

CONTACT DETAILS (as of July 2017)

(02) 505-8024 / 0977-859-1133

  • Teambuilding
  • Training Workshop
  • Camping
  • Conferences
  • Events Venue
Package A: The Day-tour Package
Price: Php550/head
*Add Php150 full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Common CR
  • Swimming pool
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided lunch buffet
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
Package B: The Overnight Package
Price: Php950/head
*Add Php450 3x full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation cabin rooms and kubo (non-aircon)
  • Swimming pool (use 2x)
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided buffet meals of Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
Package C: The 2-Nights 3-Days Package
Price: Php1,900/head
*Add Php900 6x full board meals for at least 50 persons
  • Entrance Fee
  • Accommodation cabin rooms and kubo (non-aircon)
  • Swimming pool (use 3x)
  • Function hall with monobloc chair and white board
  • Sound system including megaphone for outdoor activities
  • Guided buffet meals of two days Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast
  • Low ropes course
  • Team building and trust initiative games
  • Challenge game marshals
⦁ Zipline Adventure: Php200.00
⦁ Mudslide Challenge: Php100.00 



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Travel Nueva Ecija: Crystal Waves

Crystal Waves.jpg

I will leave my dear friends pretty soon due to my study abroad so while I still have the time to spare, I wanted to spend some with them. Thanks to the Crystal Waves coupon I won in one raffle promo during the Lakbay Palay DS2017. I got 3 passes to Crystal Waves for free!! 🙂 So, let me share bits of information just in case some of you are interested to visit this resort for family, friends-get together, or teambuilding activities.

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is located at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija.

CONTACT DETAILS (as of June 2017)
(044) 803- 5090; 0932-867- 5855

Swimming Pool Hours – 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Adult Php230.00
Child Php180.00
Senior Citizen Php184.00
⦁ Wave Pool with Jacuzzi (this is according to schedule e.g. every hour)
⦁ Giant Water Racing Slide (50 feet high tower with almost 200 feet slide)
⦁ Mickey Mouse inspired Olympic Size Swimming Pool
⦁ Kiddie Pool with Aqua Play Area
⦁ Dahlia (10-15pax) Php600.00
⦁ Waling-waling (10-15pax) Php650.00
⦁ Aster Cottage (15-20pax) Php700.00
⦁ Gumamela (20-15pax) Php800.00
⦁ Zipline Superman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Zipline Professor X Adventure Php150.00
⦁ Wall climbing Spiderman Adventure Php200.00
⦁ Rappelling Batman Adventure Php200.00
BONIFACIO ROOM (good for 2pax) Php1,500.00
RIZAL ROOM (good for 2pax) Php3,000.00
AGUINALDO ROOM (good for 4pax) Php3,800.00
KATIPUNAN DORMITORY (good for 20pax) Php12,000.00
*Room rate includes complimentary breakfast
*Check-in time – 2:00PM
*Check-out time – 12:00 NN
*Additional Php700 per head for extra adults
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Videoke for Rent: Php700.00
Grill: Php75.00
Rules and Regulations:
⦁ Proper Swimming Attire is required.
⦁ Male: Swimming trunks; Female: Swimwear or Swimsuit
⦁ Colored shorts, maong shorts with zipper and other metal accessories are strictly prohibited
⦁ Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool area
⦁ Bottled drinks & hard drinks are strictly prohibited
⦁ Please refrain from bringing any of the following:
*Fragile utensils (plates, water glasses, condimental bottles)
*Deadly weapons (Knives, ice picks, etc.) prohibited.
How To Get There:
From Manila, ride a bus going to San Jose, Nueva Ecija. Drop off  at Dinarayat, Talavera, Nueva Ecija (along the national highway). 
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Tuessies: The Power To Change

‘Tuessies’ is a group of young professionals who share and study the Word every Tuesday after their regular work. I joined this group in 2013 for the purpose of spiritual edification and friendship. As a new employee of the institution, I was seeking for sense of belongingness and I am blessed knowing that God has already prepared everything for me even before I came to this place. As series of fellowships have gone through, people come and people go.. but one thing is constant.. I am awed by how God works uniquely in everyone’s life in the group.

Ms. Irene also known as ‘Ate I’ is the best example of a cheerful giver. Knowing that we all have similar basic needs, she is well-known to be extra thoughtful. Without any second thoughts, she sacrifices her own wants for the needs of significant majority. I pray that the Lord will bless her mightily and abundantly as she presses on the upward call for her heart is full of love.

Nehem is an example of a young man with a big heart for out-of-school youth in his hometown. There are  many little children who has been abandoned by their parents because of poverty. He pours his love by dedicating his time as a Sunday school teacher/helper to his church for God’s glory. What a joy to serve the Almighty. God knows his heart’s desires for the young people to have good shelter and good education and He will reap what he has sown whatever those are.

Xarin is a pastor’s kid who is making a mark in her early 20s. Her strong spiritual foundation led her to be a cell group leader to certain group of college students at a state university. Many young people nowadays are prone to go astray without proper guidance or no group with good influence to belong with. Her passion to lead young people to Christ has been remarkable journey of her life. With many other cell group leaders, they continue to pass on the light to more generations to come. Every week she schedules to meet her Cell Group (CG) to share and care.

The names are just a few to represent everyone in the Tuessies but the message is, more than the tedious work in the workplace, one can still devote time for a purpose-driven life because God uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. Tuessies influence. Tuessies shine light. You, too can.

Paseo Habida Resort is located in Sto. Rosario, Sto. Domingo Nueva Ecija. It was the venue for the year-end Christmas activity of the group.

Entrance Fee: Adult -Php 80.00 (USD $1.90)
Child -Php 60.00 (USD $1.80)

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Traveling Has Made Me Learn A New Hobby!

I love traveling but I’ve never thought I would be learning a new hobby because of this–guess what? It’s travel photography. I used to ‘just’ capture photos for memories but my recent travel to South Korea made me realize that there are rare but beautiful things all around us waiting to be captured and appreciated for a lifetime. So while the other tourists were still sleeping, I got up early and headed to Namsan Park to catch the sunrise and capture my first shots.

As I returned home from the trip, I smiled of the thought that I am a newbie travel photographer who wants to keep her portfolio alive. I walk, I look. I stop, I photograph!

I walk, I look. I stop. I photograph 📷
The Official Traveler

I’m not really sure if I did the capturing right but I’d love to hear and learn from professional photographers  or other photography learners for tips as I harness this new skill. Help me.. Yeyyy learning 🙂

1. N Seoul Tower


If you feel like a character in “My Love from the Stars” or you want to trace the footsteps of K-pop queen Boa, and the Korean heartthrobs “Boys over Flowers,” then hop on a cable car, after a short walk from MyeongDong.

Along with the spectacular view, you can make a love pact at the “Locks of Love” area, a spot that has witnessed numerous proposals and pledges of love—real and the reel. You can also drop by the Teddy Bear museum shop for cute souvenirs, get high at the tower’s observatories, or try the unusual Sky restrooms! We’re not wondering why Namsan tower is a favorite shoot location of Korean shows: it is picturesque, romantic, and worth every penny.


2. Gyeongbokgung


If you want to see historical palaces and feel like you were part of the Joseon dynasty, head to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest of Korea’s Five Grand Palaces. Gyeongbokgung Palace housed Korea’s early rulers, and every part seems to tell a story. You can also witness a re-enactment of the traditional change of guard ceremony and have your photos taken with palace guards, as long as you treat them with courtesy.

3. Nami Island


Even if is almost two hours by train from Seoul, Nami island is worth the long commute. For your ultimate Korean-drama experience, Nami island offers a lot of picture-worthy spots, including the Metasequoia footpath, an aisle with perfectly-lined trees where stars of “Winter Sonata” professed love for each other. img_0204_


At Nami island, you can also ride a couple bike for hours or go on a simple picnic while enjoying the cool air. See squirrels freely interact with visitors—interacting with nature at its finest.

Camera Used: Nikon COOLPIX S7000, IPhone 4

This post is inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rare.

BaguioPH: Spelunking at Aran Cave

From the mountains, to the land, and to the body of water, Benguet has a lot to offer. Wanna try something different this summer? If you are perfectly physically fit, how about spelunking, rappelling, and diving? Aran Cave is a perfect spot for spelunking and is only 40 minutes away from Baguio. Located in Camp 3 (Tukang) Tuba, Benguet, it is indeed a great summer experience.

As early as 7AM, we headed to Baguio City to take out food from Good Taste –the Igorot Brand. ^_^ My group reached Camp 3 at 9AM. We waited for other members of the group to arrive for a couple of hours. After the orientation, we headed to the cave by 11AM. Praise God, we came out ALIVE at 3PM. 🙂



2. Extra clothes, footwear (preferably crocs or something similar)
You will get wet. Rocks are sharp. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing.

3. Footwear. Crocs-type of footwear can be rented on site (sizes vary).

4. Food. After the 3 or 4-hour activity, you will surely be craving for food 🙂

5. Water/water bottle. There is water safe for drinking inside the cave.

5. Camera (bring your camera inside the cave AT YOUR OWN RISK).


Option 1:
Ride a jeepney (Camp 3) in front of Shopper’s Lane along Magsaysay Avenue. The terminal is just several meters away from Jollibee Magsaysay. Fare: P35 (1st trip: around 7-9AM)
Option 2:
Ride a bus that passes through Kennon Road. Just make sure to tell the conductor that you will be alighting in Camp 3/Twin Peaks near the entrance of the cave. Fare: P50-60
Option 3:
Take private vehicle going to Camp 3 (boundary of Camp 2 and Twin Peaks). There is a small green sign board ‘ARAN CAVE’ on the right (if you are coming from Baguio City).


1. Go early. The cave can only accommodate a few groups at a time. This means that you and your group will have to wait for your turn.
2. Bring underwater gadget protector. This is if you plan on bringing gadgets like phones and cameras inside the cave. You will be passing through a lot of water and muddy rocks inside the cave.

3. Listen to your guide. Before you enter the cave, you will be oriented on what to expect inside the cave, what to do and not to do inside the cave, and other important matters. For your safety, pay attention to what the man in charge of the orientation has to say.

4. Bring your courage. Once you get inside, there’s no turning back. Have fun! 🙂


Entrance Fee: P125 per person (as of May 2016)
Tour Guide Fee: P120-150 per 5pax (inclusive of the entrance fee if in group)
Swimming Pool: P70 per person
Shower (without bath soap or anything 😦 ) : P35 per person
Cottage (Communal): P150 per group (:()

*The tourism in the area is still under development so do not expect a ‘Sumaging Cave’-type.
Aran Cave is beautiful on its own. Wait and see.

Happy Summer,

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Spring 2016: Travel Seoul from Philippines

While it is super hot summer in some parts of Asia, it is also my most awaited beautiful season in South Korea–SPRING❀❀. I had a chance to have a 2-Day trip to Korea recently. It was a sudden and unplanned trip. Traveling solo, I brought with me my most valuable possession– COURAGE.

This trip left me one impression: Spring is indeed a beautiful season

I love the imperfections and spontaneity of this DIY travel.

Going to Manila Airport
I never wanted to travel in Manila alone (just!). But I had no choice but to face everything on my own this time (fighting!). From Region 3, I took a bus going to GMA Kamuning then went to MRT station. It is the surest way I know to get to Taft Avenue. From Taft Avenue Station, I didn’t know exactly where I would go next. For some reasons, I hardly give my trust to strangers especially #WhenInManila so I just followed the crowd as well as my instinct. I kinda’ got lost but I did not mind since I had the luxury of time before my departure. I guess this is the most exciting part of every adventure: going somewhere you do not exactly know how to get there.

Fortunately, I saw a security officer in uniform. This is the only time I peacefully ask the best way to reach the airport on time. Thank you Officer! 😊  Down the overpass beside Mc Donald’s,  I rode a jeepney bound for Nichols (instead of the Airport Shuttle Bus). I, too, did not know why I did that haha! I did not know where I was supposed to say, “para” and how much is  but it was a sure relief to see a lady wearing Cebu Pacific Airline uniform just in front of me 😀 When she got off, that’s my cue to get off as well. Unfortunately, her destination was different from mine 🙂 So I had to walk a few meters more to get to NAIA.
Lesson: Ask

At the Incheon Airport
I did not arrange with someone to fetch me at the airport. I had to make it to Seoul station on my own 🙂 We arrived late at night. Everyone is expected to go through the immigration process. Since Korea is popular place to visit for many reasons, passengers (mostly tourists) are swarming the hall. It took almost two hours for me to stand on the line and wait for my turn. My experience at the immigration area was my not-so-outstanding experience on the entire trip but at last, I’m done. I’m safe. Apart from it, everything was awesome.


From the plane, you will use a train to go to the immigration hall

After the immigration, I just walked my way to the train station. It was not hard to find where it is. But to save time, there is an information desk nearby if need for help may arise.


If you take the bus, check the map. In my case, I preferred the train because of higher guarantee that I stop at the exact location. There are two types of trains: a commuter train (no reservations necessary) and an express/non-stop train. It takes 1 hr and 20 mins to get to Seoul station using the commuter train (all-stop train) while only 45 minutes for the Express train.

I took the commuter train (all-stop) train using a single journey ticket which can be purchased from the ticket machines near the entrance of the train station. The price for a single journey ticket from Incheon to Seoul Station is KRW 4150. Visit this useful link for up-to-date information.


and another beautiful journey has began! 😊 Hello 안녕 Korea!~ It’s me again!
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Mt. Yangbew (Mt. Jumbo): A Family Adventure

Wanna gear up for another summer adventure? Of course, you can never go wrong with mountain climbing as one activity. It’s time to spend some quality time and have FUN with FRIENDS & FAMILY. With a group of 14 people (age range: 5-58), my happy family went to Mt. Yangbew located in the Cordillera region. The climb to the top is pretty easy 🙂 Here’s how to get there.

One quick trivia. The name of the mountain is quite confusing because it goes with many names– Mt. Jumbo, Mt. Yangbo, Mt. Yangbaw, Mt. Jambo, and now it’s officially called as Mt. Yangbew. “Jambo”or “Jumbo”used to be a place for Scout Jamborees during the American regime in Benguet, hence the name but locals enunciated it as Yangbo/Yangbaw.

I’ve been here thrice this year (January–with my batch mates, February–with my college roommates, and March–with my family ) and I attest that every climb is totally a different story. There is more to La Trinidad Valley, strawberries and veggies.


With the fees being collected, I noticed that it is being developed progressively ◕◡◕

1. Good thing! The signage are already visible. (Mt. Yangbew)

2. The rates and fees are also posted on the right side of the road (Mt. Jambo)
(although I wonder if it is visible during dark hours/dawn since the electric post was not functional when we got there during the wee hours)

3. All hikers/campers need to register and pay the necessary fees. A stub/ticket will be given in return. (I am not quite impressed with the system though because of inconsistencies that I observed. There’s still a big room for improvement.)

4. Horseback riding and cycling are can-do activities. Meet Tucker–the white horse. He’s gorgeous, shy and adorable. When you ride the horse to go around for an hour, it costs around $2-3; when you just sit on it, it costs about $0.45. The price is not fixed (yet?) 😦 I guess it’s the law of demand and supply.

(+) What Keeps Me Going Back?

Proximity. It takes only less than an hour to get there from the town proper. It is an advantage for those who just want to spend more quality time with friends and family rather than spending much time walking. More so for amateur hikers like my little nephews and the junior youth in our community church. It’s indeed family -friendly adventure experience!

By the way, if pets are part of your family, you can bring them too!! long as you take full responsibility of it.

Pack light. Without carrying too much weight on your back, you can reach the top and see a good view of the city valley, the sunrise, the clear blue sky or the beautiful clouds.

Quick Tip: Based on personal experience, it is way colder in December-February. It’s warmer in March-April. Consider your comfortable wardrobe accordingly.

Provision for Camping. If you are planning for a youth camp or family activity, go for it. With a certain fee for overnight stay, YES it’s possible to do camping on site. Some men are guarding the area even at night. Even so, take extra precautions.

Photo Memories. For people who love travel + photography (or selfies), I cannot emphasize this further. ^_^ You don’t need the most expensive camera. You just have to pick the right travel buddies, take a good spot, and wear that irresistible wacky smile! 🙂

For more details: Check how to get there.

Every family has a story…
..and every climb has a special share in a mountaineer’s history.

Happy Trails,
👣 The Official Traveler

Visit Malaysia: 👣 Travel & Learn

There’s always a first-time for everything–First blog. First love. First success. First failure. Now, first travel. Malaysia is on my first list of travel goals in 2010. I was looking forward to learn many things from this quest.. and I did. So let me share.

As I recall, I was bombarded with work, school, and personal matters so I decided to detach myself from them for a while and embrace the tranquility of nature, to enjoy His magnificent creation, to immerse myself and appreciate different culture, and to create a story to tell to my children and grandchildren in the future. So how did I spend the 3-day vacation?

  1. Manukan Island

    Day One. This is a private island is famous for coral reefs, pristine rainforest, and beautiful white sand beaches. Apart from these, remnant of World War are also displayed around. To some, this is paradise. There were a lot of people having fun when we got there. Although it offers plenty of activities, my friend and I went here just for island hopping and snorkeling.

  2. Mari-Mari Cultural Village
    Our second destination. It is a unique opportunity to see and experience indigenous ethnic culture and lifestyle. It is a village with five different ethnic tribes. What made it more unforgettable is the entertainment it offers. MMCV has very knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely funny yet entertaining tour guides. 😊 😊 😊 This is the highlight of my Malaysia Travel Experience.
  3. The Green Connection Aquarium
    Day 2. The Green Connection is an excellent local opportunity to interact and learn more about the environment and the world around us.  The edutainment starts off with an introduction to the precious water cycle and introduces you to frogs, cave dwellers, turtles, a variety of fresh water fish, and snakes that you can stroke if you dare. 👌 (My friend is a pro! Snake is her pet. Me, I’m friend with the starfish).
  4. City Tour
    This is an unplanned part of our itinerary. All we wanted is to maximize our trip so we ended up exploring the city after the Green Connection Aquarium. We still had ENERGY to go around and spend some friendship time together.
  5.  Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
    Day 3. Lost.
    This family-oriented park offers visitors the opportunity to go jungle trekking along the botanical trail. It also has a zoological component with different species for animal lovers. (We enjoyed this place too much that we even missed our flight! 🙈 Lesson: Plan. Check your time).

My first international flight taught me several lessons/experience:
✔ Malaysia (KK) is truly Asia
✔ Budget for the Travel: $315 (if you can save up an amount higher than this, go ahead..)
✔ Actual Expenses: $150 (+ plane ticket on sale: $30 return trip)
✔ Days of Travel: 3 days
✔ Travel month: December
✔ No Visa needed for Filipinos.
✔ Be prepared for some uncertainties:

a. At the Immigration. Even if no visa is required, you may be asked to pass through the immigration process (this part makes every first-time travelers nervous. I know the feeling haha!). You’ll survive as long as you are prepared and consistent when an immigration officer interrogates you. If you travel for leisure, say so and show proof of your itinerary and accommodation. Add a little of confidence and you can make that one small dream come true.

b. Language Barrier. Although English is not a measure of intelligence, it is a language commonly used to communicate internationally. It’s a good thing if you can use the language but there are some people in non-English speaking countries who cannot understand or communicate well in English. So if you can use their local language, do so. If not, you have to use body language. 🙂

c. Missing the Flight. Even if you have a very smart travel plan, bad things can happen anytime. Be flexible. On our schedule of going back to the Philippines, we spent a night at the airport for the first time. We had to rebook our flight and fly the next day because we missed the check in time although the aircraft hasn’t taken off yet. The staff was not so helpful at that time. So we just bought new ticket from another airline.

So, this is where I got my first passport stamp (thanks to a friend who bugged me & tagged me along!). My first international flight has been unforgettable and a great learning experience for my succeeding flights. Thank you Malaysia for all the FIRSTs!

👣 The Official Traveler

Japan Autumn Diaries (#1): 👏 Nabana No Sato

Darkness cannot drive out darkness..Only LIGHT can do that;
Similarly, anger cannot drive out anger with hate..Only LOVE can do that. ❤ From my one Little Heart, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
-👣 The Official Traveler/HistoryMaker

I am privileged to witness a winter illumination in Japan. ^_^
Special thanks to a dear friend, Nona for taking me there. I wish we had more time. Nabana no Sato (なばなの里) is a theme park on the island of Nagashima in Mie prefecture, which is located outside Nagoya. It is famous for winter illumination that runs from October to early May featuring the moving pictures of Mt. Fuji and the illuminated autumn flowers at the large park. Here are some snap shots in Autumn-Winter 2015.

Quick Tip: Visit the place in the afternoon to see the flowers during the day and illumination at night. It’s a totally different scenery!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Location: Nabana No Sato
Travel Date:
November 2015



From Nagoya

From the Meitetsu Bus Center next to Nagoya Station, take a bus bound for Nagashima Onsen and get off at either Nabana no Sato (870 yen, 30 minutes). Buses depart every 20 to 30 minutes. My friend took the Meitetsu bus.

From Kuwana (or Nagashima) Station

Kuwana Station and Nagashima Spaland are connected by 2-3 buses per hour (510 yen, 20 minutes). A different bus connects the station with Nabana no Sato (250 yen, 10 minutes, 1-3 buses/hour). During the winter illuminations from late October to early May, the bus to Nabana no Sato departs from Nagashima Station instead of Kuwana Station.

How to get to and around Nagoya

Nabana no Sato


9:00 to 21:00 (until 22:00 during winter)


Irregular closing days, typically a couple of days in July


1600 yen (spring and autumn)
1000 yen (summer)
2100 yen (winter) -the 2100 yen is inclusive of 1000 yen worth of items or food inside.(c)

Visit Japan: Lesson Learned

I am privileged to have my Autumn trip successfully this year. This is one of most remarkable travel experiences I’ve had. I fell in love with Japan. I’ve discovered culture and differences, and most importantly, I’ve learned a lot from this 10-day trip.

Trip to Japan: November 2015
Duration: 10 days
Places: Nagoya, Kyoto, Shizuoka, and Tokyo
Super Likes: Food, people, transportation system, Mt. Fuji, Autumn colors, a lot more. 🙂

Little by little I will share them more of my Japan experiences in my succeeding posts.

When you travel, you will see many things. Your perspective may change. Your passion can be redirected. You will even see a clearer picture of yourself and the future you wish to have only if you sincerely search for it while you are traveling. You will begin to expand your horizon. You just have to figure out how to start and how to keep going. Don’t stop. Research. Plan. Act. Do. Outsmart it.


It’s my first time to travel to Japan.  I cannot deny but I am quite amazed at how Japanese creatively devise mechanisms to innovate and create jobs for people not only for local citizens but also for other nationalities. I wish someday I can learn some technology, innovate my own, and create jobs for my fellowmen. I hope to share the same vision with other young Filipinos who are aspiring entrepreneurs.


👣 The Official Traveler/HistoryMaker