👍 An Agriculture/Agribusiness advocate at the age of 19.
[BS in Agribusiness & AgEconomics; Enterprise Management]

👍 A professional teacher with at least 5 years teaching experience.
[PRC Licensed Teacher; TEFL certificate; IELTS; TOEIC, TOEIC Speaking, OPIC, TOEFL]

👍 A research specialist with at least 3 years experience in scientific studies; 2 years in academic R&D.
[Scientific research; Academic research]

👍 Got advanced studies in Human Resource Development/Human Resource Management.

👍 Got advanced units in Management only because of curiosity in PhD environment.
[PhD in Mgmt; GS]

👍 I am always a student. I shall never stop learning about life every single day.


Behind the things above is this:
-🙌 Philippians 4:13 🙌-
I can do it_47 .”,_